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The newly inaugurated school Hall, known as “abc hall” is well equipped with the latest state of the art audio-visual facilities and has a seating capacity of 1000 students. It has excellent acoustics and is equipped with a professional quality sound system and sophisticated stage lighting. It also boasts of aesthetically done interiors. The auditorium is a hub of activities and functions such as Annual Day and award functions, inter-school and intra-school competitions and numerous other such events.
A recent feature is that a new Hall has been engineered for the school. All events in visual and performing arts will be hosted here. The auditorium has been designed bearing in mind maximum seating capacity, free air circulation, safety concerns, excellent staging and sound management. It has got an upscale look and it harmonizes well with modern day visual technology. The multiple seating option and power lighting is its most practical feature. The auditorium, our ticket to a world of creative expression harmonizes the senses, engaged in meeting the demands of an intense curriculum both during learning and teaching.

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